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Dave is a local photographer in the city of Estevan who owns and operates Dave Rosenbaum Photography. Working as a photographer, Dave's favorite photo subject is his dogs. 

DRP has been in the photography industry for the past 15 years. DRP mainly focuses on sports photography, specializing in sports composites. However, DRP also photographs weddings, grads and families. 


Working alongside Dave at DRP is Kaj and Carli. Kaj has been working at DRP for the past 5 years as a photo editor. 




Dave has over 20 years of photography experience and an extensive background in Photoshop.


Kaj has 5 years of Photoshop experience.

Awards & Nominations:

Dave was voted the best photographer in Estevan.

Meet The Team


The photographer


The editor


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What Else We DO


We also do professional headshots as well. 


Need an image printed and mounted? Contact us!

Website update

We can help with updating your website!


We can design and print banners and other indoor signs.

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